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Images of Ash the chimpanzee as a youngster by photographer Owen Booth

“Ash is a female chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) who was born at the park on 13/09/05. Her mother, Cathy had a bad reaction to the birth control pill so we let her get pregnant. Mum Cathy cared for her for a week but the baby was slowly dehydrating, probably because she was not getting enough milk. On the 7th day Cathy finally rejected the upset infant. Luckily for Ash she was cared for by the Primate Care Staff, along with Rodders for the first year of her life. Now she lives with the rest of our chimpanzee nursery group” (Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre).

For more information about chimps, primate rescue and nature conservation see:

(Image source: owenbooth on Flickr)

(via 2voyager)